Marketmax National is flexible to adjust to our clients requirements and situations if the need arises. With our unique business model and services we are sure to meet all our clients expectations


Training is an integral on-going part of our business – for both our customers and staff.  It is a key focus to improve knowledge, skills, performance and sales. We provide rep, merchandiser, brand and product detailing training.  Regularly! Our principals attend our meetings on a regular basis, to ensure all our staff are familiar and up to date with all their products, and are able to share this information professionally at store level. Our staff also does training and detailing with OTC staff and Clinic Sisters

Key Accounts

Marketmax National offers Key Account Management on a national as well as a regional basis to our clients. This includes all Listings, Reviews, Price Increases, Co-Op Bookings and Payments, Account issues or queries as well as New Account Applications. Our highly experienced Regional Owners handle all Key Accounts which ensures our success in this department

Technology (Rocksoft)

Technology has become an important tool in today’s ever changing market. With our real-time hand held information management tool we are able to communicate knowledge and data to and from the field instantly and accurately. Rocksoft enables Marketmax National management to monitor sales team’s whereabouts, Shelf health, Promotional implementation, hit rate etc. Planograms or Lay-outs can be viewed from the device to ensure its correct at all times. Our system is flexible which enables us to adjust the system to specific requirements from our clients like creating specific categories, store card completion, question checklist etc

Warehousing & Distribution

Marketmax National understands how costly point of sale material can be and therefore offer the responsible storage of your POS material. We can also handle distribution for our clients

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